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Sundays Sundays

New City gathers to worship Jesus every Sunday at 9:30AM at Bellevue University.

Coffee and Donuts offered 30 minutes before service

City Groups City Groups

New City Church scatters throughout the week in small to mid-sized City Groups to love, serve and bless the city and each other.

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You Can Read Lots

You can read at least 10-12 books a year if you wanted to. I’m a slow reader.  Compared to my wife, who reads a few books a week, I’m a super slow reader.  Here is how I read a lot even though I’m a slow reader. Every day I read for about an hour.  Its […]

Choosing a Bible Translation

Choosing a Bible Translation

Which bible should I read? What version of the bible do we use at New City? What is the best translation? Why?  These are good questions I hear often.  Here is my crack at answering these questions.  You should read a bible that is both reliable and readable.  The bible is actually a collection of […]

A City Group or a Small Group Bible Study. What’s the Difference?

Let all things be done for building up  1 Corinthians 14:26-27 New City Church exists to help people know, love and follow Jesus.  We do this in two, very intentional ways.  We gather on Sundays to worship Jesus.  This is a time where we sing songs together and receive God’s word and we fellowship together […]